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1:12pm 12-25-2012
Marc D
Burhan Kerimi/Qerimi also goes under the name Burhan Diamond. He also states he lives in new york, another profile says he was born in russia. Looks like he doesnt know where he was born, must be on the move a lot too, ive noticed his interest on you tube in youth camps in turkey and greece as he has liked a few videos.
12:55pm 12-25-2012
Marc D
Burhan Kerimi, Burhan Qerimi, Burhan Diamond. under many social profiles states he has lived in Greece, Macedonia, Switzerland, Monaco, Milan, London. Hes a model?, Hes a popstar? There could be something in it. Check him out. Also if you know anything about Burhan, It would be good to find out more about him, He does fit Bens description.
10:51pm 12-19-2012
louise b
Ive just read bens timeline and it upsets me so much to see that you kept getting so much information in the first place and nobody was willing to help you! I pray that you will get the answers you deserve and that youll have ben back with you. Would love to see an update towards the end of the year, especially since mr cameron wrote back to you.
9:11pm 12-19-2012
Graham Perry
Does this email address mean anything to the reason I ask I have emailed to you some information that may help in the search for Ben. These are contact details for Youth Hostels and YMCA from Europe and the USA. I emailed this to but I am getting strange responses from the forementioned Mr Scottmorrison?
8:11pm 12-18-2012
Bernie Sharp
I pray with all my heart that 2013 will be the year which brings your precious son back into your arms Kerry.
Lots of information keeps coming in and there must be some information which will bring all the answers to your questions.
A mothers love never ends,you are indeed a very special lady.God bless and may this Christmas be the last one without your precious Ben.xxxxx
6:55pm 12-18-2012
I whent to Agassi in 1992 and i was on the beach ,when a man with a little blond boy about three ,walked up the beach as if he had come off of one of the Luxury yachts moored out at sea ,He whent to a house on Agassi beach near the Taverners hidden by trees
8:14pm 12-17-2012
Ben H
I hope that whoever knows or is with Ben can at least just let Kerry know he is safe and well. Greek police authorities could do with searching the remote parts of Kos, surrounding islands and the mainland.
1:50pm 12-17-2012
Hey Kerry and your wonderful family who have all been there for you and kept you sane all these years , nobody's going to give up on helping you find Ben can't wait for the day you all get the fantastic news you have been waiting for , and that's why more than ever we need to keep this campaign running and let our voices be heard get emails sent to all company's in Greece and all around attach bens photo that's what I've been doing sent it to there major companies like Vodafone etc attach pics of Ben translate on computers and beg and beg them to plaster everywhere with these pictures and ask people questions it might help xxx
12:27am 12-15-2012
Dawn Hares
A mother's love never stops, neither will you until you find Ben.
I hope he is home soon and your life can begin again.
I have read the timeline and the letters you have sent to the PM etc, they might be able to ignore one voice crying for help, but, will they ignore us all?
I'm writing to my local MP and also the PM asking for him to help you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you always x
Stay strong
8:46pm 12-14-2012
Linda curtis
Never give up,one day you will find ben xxxx
8:35pm 12-11-2012
Chris armitage
Never give up i know that you will be reunited with ben once again Your an inspiration to us all Best Wishes x
3:22pm 12-11-2012
My Mother in Law lives on a Greek Island Kerry, she was recently robbed and the police did nothing... I really hope the authorities do something about the terrible policing in the country and you get your Son back soon! x
10:55am 12-11-2012
Kerry, Greece ist with you! Hope we can find Ben soon.
6:31am 12-11-2012
Dear Kerry and family. I have 3 young boys and if anything happened to them I don't know what I would do. I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling. Please stay strong and keep thinking positive,you are in our thoughts and prayers. I am from Australa so worldwide people are wanting to help you and you have done an amazing job of getting the word out there. All our love and try to have a nice Christmas.
6:12pm 12-10-2012
Kerry and Family. Im 21 from huddersfield and i have so much love and sympathy to you all. I would like to really help and do some fundraising events towards Ben and also other families with missing loved ones. If anyone has ideas of events or to raise money please reply and i/we can arrange as i think towards christmas it is a very hard time. Please contact to my email. Thank you Carl.
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